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We bring sustainable visibility and uniformity to your brand


Freeze-thaw strength and resistance to UV rays, color uniformity and a flexible range of formats make Dormai signs your ideal partner for your projects.


We don’t just produce aesthetics but also functional designs that ultimately project clients’ brand. Skill and attention to detail are deployed in the manufacturing of our signage.

Pylon Signs

Pylons are effective in any area where roadside visibility is a must. You can use a Pylon Sign to display your company's logo, this will draw alot of attention to your business.

Brand Consultation

Beyond fabrication manufacturing of signage, Dormai provides consulting services on brand matters. With our combined team of experts within and outside the country, we provide unbeatable advisory services.


A lot of research, planning and critical reviews are used in building and maintaining our clients’ brand. To exceed our clients’ expectation is usually not an easy task but we are mastered and made it part of our brand composition

Servicing And Installation

A wrongly installed sign is an injustice to the amount of energy and time devoted to producing the signs and to our client’s image. An extraordinary care is taken by our team of professionals to ensure that the manufactured sign receives the best installation.

you can trust us

We use quality and durable materials taking maintenance of signage into consideration and ensuring visibility, consistency and uniformity of the brand

our process

The one you definitely


The initial conversation with your sales representative is the first contact that you will have with us. This is where we’re able to gather information on what you are looking for in a new sign or a preexisting sign. The sales department will do a brief survey of the area to inspect potential issues and accessibility limitations.

Step 1

concept design

Our creative team will take all of the information gathered and create a concept rendering for your review. Our experienced team of designers will work in conjunction with your sales representative to identify the estimated cost to produce, install and covey the proposed sign for your review.

Step 2

site survey

A detailed survey of the area is done to ensure that the proposed signage will be appreciated in the existing environment. In order to tackle obstacles of the location, our site surveyors would take precise measurements of the entire environment.

Step 3


Once the artwork has been approved, production arts and design would be released and distributed to the production department and added to our timeline schedule, the head of production would distribute to each department accordingly. Quality control checks are met accordingly once the sign is ready to move to the next stage.

Step 4


Once your sign has met all the quality control checks, our highly professional installers, convey and install the sign to the approved location. Our team has all the appropriate safety certifications & experience to allow for a proper and smooth installation process.

Step 5

maintenance and repair

We stand behind our signs; therefore, Dormai Signs warrants products against defects. In efforts of extending the life of your investment, we offer maintenance and repair services.

Step 6

Signages that stand the test of time, just like your brand

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