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We use Quality and Durable materials for your signages

In addition to the materials used, we also take into consideration factors such as maintenance, visibility, uniformity, and consistency of the brand when designing and creating signages. We want to ensure that your signage not only attracts attention but also accurately represents your brand and conveys your message effectively.

what we do

We bring sustainable visibility and uniformity to your brand


Freeze-thaw strength and resistance to UV rays, color uniformity and a flexible range of formats make Dormai signs your ideal partner for your projects.


We don’t just produce aesthetics but also functional designs that ultimately project clients’ brand. Skill and attention to detail are deployed in the manufacturing of our signage.

Pylon Signs

Pylons are effective in any area where roadside visibility is a must. You can use a Pylon Sign to display your company's logo, this will draw alot of attention to your business.

Brand Consultation

Beyond fabrication manufacturing of signage, Dormai provides consulting services on brand matters. With our combined team of experts within and outside the country, we provide unbeatable advisory services.


A lot of research, planning and critical reviews are used in building and maintaining our clients’ brand. To exceed our clients’ expectation is usually not an easy task but we are mastered and made it part of our brand composition

Servicing And Installation

A wrongly installed sign is an injustice to the amount of energy and time devoted to producing the signs and to our client’s image. An extraordinary care is taken by our team of professionals to ensure that the manufactured sign receives the best installation.

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Signages that stand the test of time, just like your brand


Our Experience


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Skills we have ...

We are expertise in signage Solutions where quality materials and brand consistency meet. With a deep understanding of the industry, we combine our knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results.


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Our Work

We implement signage solutions for all brands, and industries

Banking and Finance

Even as in today’s era, online banks nibble away at the networks of banks and insurance companies. Dormai guarantees them a uniform high-quality image at optimum production and installation cost. It showcases our scientific approach to bank merchandising to improve the customer experience.

Interior/Exterior and Directional signage

Interior signage plays a vital role in conveying your brand message. It integrates text and graphics with empty spaces to redefine the appearance and purpose of your environment. Our team of professionals excels in designing and fabricating signage that not only enhances your design statement but also guides visitors effectively. Let us bring your vision to life.

oil and gas

The oil sector is one of the many companies Dormai Signs Limited has had the privilege to design and produce one of its many signs. The oil and gas can be deadly for workers with powerful equipment, flammable chemicals and high pressures. Addressing these hazards effectively will require labels and signs to communicate warnings and safe procedures. We apply the same level of design sensitivity and attention to detail both exterior and interior areas.

retail outlets

Subject to binding architectural and environmental regulations, retailers’ signage must use creativity to communicate their messages. Dormai Signs Limited offers this through its strategic approach to project execution. Retail signage is more of a local focus for companies with a strong portfolio of outdoor retail signs projects.

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